Will Work for Zoos

The other day, I had a brief conversation with a young man…yes, I’m now one of those people who say “young man”…who has a degree in marketing but would like to pursue another degree, perhaps in biology or related discipline. He, like many others, is giving his time for zero pay to an organization that helps animals. He aspires to make a living helping animals and aiding in conservation. I frequently run into people who aspire to get paid to work with animals whether it’s a pre-veterinary student, an aspiring zookeeper or park ranger hopeful. The pay is low for most of these occupations, but the payoffs can be outstanding.

I overhear conversations from people who say they want to work with animals because they don’t want to work with people. “People talk back,” they will state. Meanwhile, they treat even the friendliest person with great disdain and contempt and I think about how, as hard as they may try, they will usually wind up working with the very people they despise and in the process make life miserable for themselves and those that are unlucky enough to have to deal with them.

People go into working with animals for various reasons, but when the ego is prominent, it makes me wonder how sincere is their desire to really help animals. Sometimes I can’t help but hate people too (especially those that hurt other animals) so I can understand their sentiment. But to have that as their driving force seems somehow corrupt. If I were in the position to hire an animal caretaker, “because people suck” would not be high on my list of given reasons to take them under my wing.

I really wish that young man well.


3 thoughts on “Will Work for Zoos

  1. There are indeed those who desire to work with animals who are lacking in people skills, to say the least. When what’s in their heart is the attitude of “people don’t talk back” and it’s light hearted, that’s good. But when that statement is backed by a resistant attitude (toward people), then that’s, as you say, unfortunate. All we can do is take heart…see with the heart…and like minded individuals will gravitate towards each other.
    Love the title of your blog and look forward to reading more about what you love, animals and their lives as you see and work with them ❤


  2. Thanks for your insight, Dia! I actually chose my occupation partially based on the fact that I would have little to no contact with people, or at least patients and their families, and I hear similar thoughts from others that work in the lab with me. We are sequestered from patients for the most part and only have to interact with people who are our co-workers or on the other end of the telephone line. But no matter what career or occupation a person chooses, we usually can’t work in a vacuum or totally isolated from other people. Working with animals is a great ambition to have, but working for animals also requires healthy interaction with like-minded people who also desire to effect change on behalf of animals everywhere.


  3. I love that…”Working with animals is a great ambition…” which requires a “healthy interaction with like-minded people who also desire to effect change on behalf of animals everywhere.” It would be a beautiful world indeed if everyone would say, think and create in that loving space.

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