This blog is being created in part for the purpose of jotting down my thoughts about and experiences with animals, those with whom I share my life and others I wish to meet. Along the way, I hope to learn a few things about the animals that share this planet with us and explore topics that others may find as fascinating as I do.

I am not a biologist, a wildlife expert, a ranger, a naturalist, or a veterinarian. My background is in the Liberal Arts and clinical laboratory science, with a smattering of animal care-taking and animal behavior studies, and many years living with animals…in my adult years, mostly cats. I have a healthy respect for the natural world and the living beings that share the lands and waters with us. Animals are indeed awesome!

UPDATE:  Since I started this blog, I have been on the periphery of the many wonderful people involved with trying to stop bear hunting in Florida which we succeeded in doing in 2016 and then again for two more years! My path and curiosity led me to complete some online courses: Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management. I am working on a graduate certificate in Fish and Wildlife Management, a discipline which I don’t even believe in! Wildlife have managed themselves quite well before Homo sapiens the destroyers came onto the scene. Needless to say, I am usually not the most popular student in my class. I also made a video with a friend about the plight of the Florida black bear (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h36zlwlOoa4) and hope to make more videos in the future. Besides working my paying jobs, I am volunteering at a state wildlife park where the animals are well-cared for and cannot be released back into the wild.


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